Recent Development and Performance of Ethical Investments

In this research, authored by Philippe Gillet and Julie Salaber-Ayton in 2017, the recent development and performance of ethical investments around the world are assessed. Ethical investments include both socially responsible investments (following Environmental, Social and Governance criteria) and faith-based investments (following religious principles). The historical development of the types of funds are presented which is followed by the analysis on their ethical screening process, highlighting similarities and differences across funds and regions. Finally, the characteristics of ethical investments are investigated in terms of return and risk and their historical performance is evaluated using various risk-adjusted performance measures on a small sample of US funds. This research compares the performances of funds and also assesses their relative resilience to the 2007-08 financial crisis.

This research is a book chapter by Routledge in the Routledge Handbook of Social and Sustainable Finance.

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  • Date: March 13, 2019
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