Sukuk Report: A Comprehensive Study of the Global Sukuk Market

This report by International Islamic Financial Market, published in March 2016, analyzes the growth and development of international and domestic Sukuk issuances in recent years globally and sheds light on different Sukuk structures widely used in various jurisdictions active in issuing Sukuk for the purpose of achieving a deeper understanding of the mechanism in the Islamic Capital and Money Market.

The report concludes that Sukuk market growth has dropped in 2015 due to Bank Negara Malaysia strategic decision to discontinue issuance of short term investment Sukuk, but overall trend remains encouraging. The entry of a number of new jurisdictions together with expansion of Sukuk issuances in established Sukuk countries is indication that Sukuk market will maintain its appeal and growth trajectory despite challenging global financial environment.

The report provides invaluable information on the prospects and overview trends of the global Sukuk Market and highlights on major issuances around the globe.

This report can be used as a benchmark by all the industry stakeholders and decision makers, in particular, in new jurisdictions as well as regions which have a high concentration of the worlds Sukuk issuances such as GCC countries and Asia, in their assessments of trends in the issuance of Sukuk across the globe.

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  • Date: March 13, 2019
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